, Ornamental Sugar Cane Plants
Ornamental Sugar Cane Plants
We offer sugar cane plants as seedlings allowing you to grow them into the beautiful, towering, sugar cane stalks that are as delicious as they are decorative.

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Buy our ornamental sugarcane plantsWe are a sugar cane grower in North Florida that raises "Heirloom” varieties of "Chewing" sugar cane. The ancestry of these cane varieties can be traced back to the island of Java in the year 4000 BC. We not only raise the sugar cane for syrup, we also sell the canes for use in guarapo and other drinks due to the super juicy cane varieties that we grow. This cane is Nothing like the sugar cane grown for processed sugar and have to be tasted to believe how sweet and juicy these canes are. I have also found that these plants make absolutely beautiful landscape plants. Check out the photos of the canes plants being used as landscape plants in other sections of this web site. These plants can grow up to 10’ within the first growing season. One of the varieties will grow to almost 20’ high within 2 years if not harvested at the end of the first growing season. These plants are also beautiful to view! One variety, the "Florida Red" is a reddish-purple and another variety, "Java Green" is green that turns pink and bronze. We also have a green cane with red stripes called "Ribbon Cane" and all of these are the juiciest canes you have ever seen or tasted. We offer potted sugar cane plants allowing you to grow them into the beautiful, towering, sugar cane plants that are as delicious as they are decorative!


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